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A Real Solution for Tooth Loss

It is never a good thing to have a tooth extracted but it happens to a lot of people. Very few people go through their whole lives without dental issues. Many have to get teeth extracted for various reasons. This impairs the ability to chew properly and it is a cosmetic issue.

The Solution

The solution you really need if you have had teeth extracted is to get Brooklyn dental implants. A dental implant is an artificial tooth that is placed directly into your jaw bone. Unlike dentures or partials, you never have to take it out. It is permanent, just like a real tooth.

There are other advantages to having dental implants. When you have a tooth extracted, you will eventually end up with bone loss in the jaw. This will cause a sunken look to the face and it will affect the integrity of other teeth. You could end up losing more.

Perfectly Safe

Dental implants have been proven to be perfectly safe and reliable. They never get cavities and, in a way, are actually better than real teeth. The procedure to implant them is simple and painless. You will be sedated during the procedure and it will not take too much time.

You could actually end up having new teeth in a single day. That must be some good news.

Saving your Remaining Teeth

Dental implants help save your remaining teeth due to the fact that they restore bone growth and density in the jaw bone. If you do not have implants, the locations of your other teeth will change over time and you will probably end up needing those extracted as well.

Brooklyn dental implants

When you get the implants, the integrity of the surrounding teeth is restored so they will never shift. From there, maintain great dental health.