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Common Reasons People Visit the Doctor

What is sending more people to the doctor than other health conditions? There is a long list of common complaints that many people share that send them to the doctor for a diagnosis and treatment. Look below to learn some of the most common causes of doctor visits to the health care silver spring maryland center.

Upper Respiratory Conditions

Especially common in the winter and cooler months of the year, upper respiratory conditions like colds and influenza send people into emergency rooms and doctors’ offices by the dozens. Build your immune system to better protect yourself against these common complaints and minimize the amount of time spent at the doctor to treat them!

Skin Issues

health care silver spring maryland

Our skin is the biggest organ in the body. There are many problems that can occur with the skin which may cause a person to visit the doctor for a solution. As you might suspect, acne is a common culprit of doctor visits, but it is certainly just one of the many skin issues that people visit the doctor to resolve.

Back Pain

Back pain can really bring a person down, making it difficult to do much of anything aside from lie down in agonizing pain. Lower back pain is more common than upper back pain but both affect many people.

Mental Illness

Mental illness diagnosis is on the rise. That is probably a good thing, since many have considered mental health taboo for a long time now. Conditions like anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder depend on medical intervention for sustainable living for the individual affected by the condition.

Joint Disorders

Joint disorders, such as arthritis, affect thousands of people in Silver Spring. These people know that they need proper care from their doctor to deal with these oftentimes non-treatable conditions.