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How to handle an open MRI

MRI’s can be tricky, especially when it comes to laying alone in a tube for several minutes while the doctors use magnets to scan you and collect information about what is going on inside of your body. Patients can listen to music to help them relax, and for many, the sensation of being completely still is a nice sensation.

However, for young children, or patients who are obese or claustrophobic, the MRI can either be a scary nightmare or completely impossible. Which is where an open MRI comes in. It does the same thing as a closed MRI, but the machine is open on the sides. The magnets still work, but this allows patients to see outside, stay relaxed, and hear what is going on around them.

Benefits of Going Open

open MRI scanner

It also allows for the patients to talk to the people around them, helpful if the patient is a young child who can talk to an adult for comfort. The machine is no less effective when it is opened and is simply an accommodation. No matter which MRI you choose to go too, you’ll change into a robe, remove all metal from your body and then lie down on a table.

The Process of Scanning

The table will slide into the tube and then the scanning with happen as you listen to music or just use earplugs. You will have to remain as still as you can while the scanning happens, and after about twenty minutes the exam will be done. Then the table will slide out and you can get up and get back to normal

The open MRI scanner will send your data to the radiologists and then the doctors, who will discuss the results with you after a few days. After everything is done you can leave and continue life as normal.