Fun Activities for Seniors

So many of the activities and attractions around town cater to a younger crowd, leaving seniors sitting at home flipping through the TV channels for entertainment. But, it’s time to put the days of being a couch potato behind and get out there and enjoy life. Even seniors can find an array of fun things to do for entertainment, to stimulate their brains and be active again. No matter what your age, it is important that you are enjoying life and sitting at home watching TV all day just doesn’t cut it.

Senior Activities Program Draper


Sewing and knitting art activities that seniors can enjoy. It is a fun pastime that some people use to create gifts for loved ones while others simply enjoy the activity. There’s always time to sew and/or knit.

Park/Trail Visits

A visit to the park can put any senior in a good mood. Whether they visit the park to walk around a trail, to sit around, or for a picnic, time with the grandkids, or for other fun, it is always available.

Board Games

Board games never cease to provide a good time. With hundreds of board games to choose from, every senior can find the title that fits their needs. Bring a friend or two around and board games end a boring day.

Museum Visits

There are museums and art galleries around town that can provide learning, entertainment, and fun for the visitor, unlike some of the other activities in the area, there isn’t one age group of people you’ll find at thee locales.

You can learn more activities for seniors by speaking with a Senior Activities Program Draper or by joining a senior center near you. There is always something going on at the senior center, no matter what you find entertaining.